Rafi as a Lab Instructor

A quote by Uzi Kafkafi

…”Rafi was our friend, mentor, encourager, teacher, motivator. While he was still a student, he taught the Soil Science Lab course. Under his direction, the Lab was unlike any of the courses we took. It was conducted at a military pace. The experiments were planned down to the last detail and the work was done in an orderly fashion. As students we felt we have an endless source of knowledge and eagerness to teach more and more, to accomplish more and more. He demanded of himself more than he did of any one of us and he found it hard to work with whoever could not keep up with him. Rafi infuses every subject with profound theoretical background, thus causing us all to take an interest in the problem he is concerned about. He emanates ideas, and each idea voiced by classmates immediately undergoes Rafi’s uncompromising critique.

”I recall that after graduation, Rafi advised several master theses, though not yet officially. The university had yet to formally acknowledge his skills, but like Hassids following their Rabbi, we all crowded around him. He was the address for any problem, any professional question that arose. 5-6 people crowded into his lab at the Volcani Center working nonstop, day and night”…


Prof. Uzi Kafkafi studied at the Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot. This is a segment from his words about Rafi in July 1967.